Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well after 7 odd weeks waiting for our plans, turned up in the mail yesterday and STILL not what we discussed!!!! She can't get her head around the underground garage WTF how hard can it be!!!

Also she has added another lounge as a kids playroom so that would mean we would have 4 family/communial area's??????? Another study, (though the 2nd is a nook) so 2 or those?????? What else oh she has put another lot of linen cubboards into the front hall which share space with the entry specifically what I said I didn't want!!! Made our bedroom smaller, only about 3m deep, yeah like THAT is gunna happen, made our deck smaller, only 4m deep. Really there are STACKS of things that are just wrong!!! We wanted to hopefully start in Januray but there is just no way it's gunna happen with the amount of time it takes with her to get stuff done and then it's not what I want anyway!!! ARGGGHHH why won't she listen, I even did a copy up WITH measurements for her to copy off and it's still wrong


  1. Now dont' get me wrong but your draft's person does know which end of the writing stick is the pointy end doesn't she.

    On a more serious note, have you seen their qualifications and other homes they've built? It might even pay to sit on her shoulder when she draws up the next set of plans I

  2. I hear you!! Yeah we've checked her qualifications ect, unfortunatley we aren't spoilt for choice where we are. Realistically if we hadn't already paid 1/2 which is a substancial amount I would have gone somewhere else.

    Anyways we seem to be getting there now so fingers crossed.