Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update, going slow.....

Well things are going along at snails pace ATM, very frustrating!!! We had another appointment with our drafty a couple of weeks ago with what we want and we are STILL yet to hear or get anything back from her, she is so b!oody slow.

But once we get plans back from her we will be able to get a more realistic idea on price as we will have finalised most materials, so that would be good (although scary too).

On a pain in the bum note, someone has been dumping fill on our block so I'm keeping a close eye on it in case I have to put a sign up

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well we had a meeting with our builder last night, very productive. Looked over prelim plans and discussed materials, so many to choose from but we pretty much need to decide cause it will effect how the plans are drawn. Spoke to our draftsman this morning, we'll be having a meetup next week to hopefully finalise plans.

We have had a heap of fill put on the block but they are yet to level it out